Phase 1

Developing You

Discovering – This phase of The BEcome Project involves assessments and interactive training to help the young women get in touch with who they are as individuals and as members of the larger community. Key areas of focus: self-identity, personal development, character development, leadership skills, career exploration, emotional intelligence, money management, learning soft skills, and more.

Phase 2

Maturing You

Coaching – This phase of The BEcome Project involves securing steady employment, securing housing, managing home life and balance, and learning to be self-reliant. Key areas of focus: community partnerships and personal mentorship.

Phase 3

Completing You

Creating – This Phase of the BEcome Project involves experiencing a new life. Creating a life of the young woman’s own design, living a fulfilled life of meaning and purpose. Key areas of focus: explore models of transformative living, investigate an awareness of living a life of purpose, and learning to live life to the fullest. A personal coach/mentor will continue to follow-up during this phase.