Meet the Girls


I am a single mother of one, just aged out of Foster care last year. I was in Foster care since I was 15 & I honestly can say that it was a blessing and lessons all in one. I am dedicated, motivated & eager to grow and learn. My aspirations are to give back to the community. Start doing hair & makeup at group homes, become a motivational speaker and/or mentor to young girls, and just to be the best mother I can be. I would love to just be successful & live comfortably, help my daughter to be the best woman she can be. The BEcome Project has been helpful to me, I can talk, express my concerns & get the help that I need in a comfortable environment. Ms. Diana is a great woman and I can’t wait for the program to take off!


My name is Aurora. I have been in foster care for 2 years now. I have a dream of becoming a Pediatrician. I have this desire to help people and I also love working with children. I got involved in The BEcome Project through my residential program. I feel The BEcome Project can help me be the best version of myself. The become project can help me BEcome more self-sufficient and organized.

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