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There is a vast need for youth transitioning into society from the foster care system. For those who are prepared this can be an exciting journey, but for others this may be a lonely and daunting experience. Some foster youth age out of the system without a plan, family support, or direction for their life. The BEcome Project is designed to help young women thrive after departing foster care, develop individual identity, create a vision to pursue their dreams, and find meaning and personal fulfillment in their life. This organization was designed to program for motivated young women, ages 18-24, with a high school diploma or an equivalent educational program. We aim to provide access to resources, a network of community partners, needed tools, and a supportive environment to help cultivate their dreams and aspirations. There are three core phases in the program which will take the young women on a journey for discovery, coaching, and creating a life of meaning and purpose.

For what you see is not all there is…

What society sees in this population of young women are external, they are unable to see what is trapped inside of them; their talents, giftedness, and potential to be amazing young women. Unfortunately, there is a negative stigma associated when you see them. They are viewed as unmotivated, trouble makers, manipulators, angry, sad, withdrawn, and engage in self harm. There is a voice crying out on the inside of them waiting for someone to take notice, to be patient with them, to work with them long enough to unravel who they really are, who they really can be. These young women aspire to be doctors, lawyers, motivational speakers, artist, business women, millionaires, singers, dancers, therapists and teachers. They really are significant, they are smart, and they are beautiful, all hidden inside…For what you see, is not all there is!

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